How to track your Marketing Posts or URL sharing on social Network in Google Analytics

I would like to share a few quick tips for all those who are trying to track their business marketing post and URL sharing on social media like facebook, linkedin, Twitter, Google+  etc. If you really want to know how really useful your post or URL sharing was  apart from liked  :)  ,   Try this and check the real Numbers and ROI .

  1. You must have a website Example :
  2. Now create a page / article / post  on this website :
  3. ON the designed post always link to a conversion page : Like Enquiry, Contact  etc  and it is necessary to have Goal conversion setting enabled for these pages.
  4. Now go to Google UTM :
  5. Fill all the fields and paste this URL in website URL field :
  6. After Submitting the page : You will get a URL like this :  Page%20&utm_term=Digital%20Marketing%2C%20Online%20  Marketing%2C%20SEO%2C%20SMO%2C%20PPC&utm_campaign=Grow%20 your%20business%20online%20via%20online%20marketing
  7. Now the generated URL seems very long and a bit suspicious So let’s make it short to share .
  8. Go to Google URL shorter :  and submit the URL  as an Output you will get a URL like this :
  9. Share this URL on Every Possible Social Medium – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn , Google+ , Email etc.
  10.  All the clicks and impression on this URL and conversion page  can be tracked in the Google analytics account of  Account under the Campaign section.
  11. You can also Enabled same URL in your Facebook Advert paid ads, Google PPC etc to track the reach on these pages via your  paid campaign.

UTM - SOcial Media post tracking
Google Analytics Show Social Media Posts Tracking[/caption]

How to start a Business or any website ?

  • Step-1 : Book a domain for 3 years atleast. The name & Extension (.com, .org, .edu ) of domain should be related to your business, Interest, Plan, Product, Services etc
  • Step-2: Change the DNS (Domain Name servers ) of your domain via login in domain Cpanel . Add the DNS from where you are taking the hosting services.  You will get hosting space in this format :  500 MB @ Shared Server or 1 GB @ shared server. It means you have 500 MB or 1 Gb of server space and you can use it for website or email services for yourself. You will also get the FTP for yoru hosting space to uplaod any data on it.
  • Step-3:  Make a web design or get it design from an IT company for all possible Templates of your website Like – About us ,  Services , Contact and Home etc.
  • Step-4:  Create the HTML of Design or get it done by any IT company . Add data in all these pages as per your wish . COnnect these pages with each other .
  • Step-5: Now you have a folder , we call it website dump. This folder may contain more folders inside like pictures , CSS etc.  Actual;y this is your website and now you can host it anywhere on your booked domain.
  • Step-6: Download the free file upload software called FileZilla.  Install it and open , Apply your FTP details for server hosting space . Browse your folder from desktop and upload the folder on your server space which is booked on yoru domain name,
  • Step-7: Guess what ?  Your website is live in 2 hours Maximum. Refresh and surf.  This is the simplest way of having a website .

    Now I have a website …


Quickly set up a PPC Campaign for a client / website ?

Customer Requirements : Listen to the customer, get all possible documents about his business, segment and market. Try to catch what exactly he is looking for in terms of product selling, conversion , his potential market etc.

Product & Business Based Queries : After analyzing the requirements ask the genuine question like

  • What are the products
  • What kind of products
  • Who buys your product and why ?
  • What are the categories of your products
  • What all possible deals and offer comes in your products
  • What are the seasons, occasion and events on which his sales is high
  • What are the cities, location or countries in which his products sale is good.
  • What other cities in which he wants to increase his products’s sales

Create landing pages & optimization : Based on the answers and expectation of customer create  new  landing page or optimize the existing page with SEO Friendly URL, Text , Images, Unique content, keyword prominence etc  : Reason :  While creating a PPC Campaign the three things are most important and should be relevant to each other  :  Your Ad , Your Landing Page & Quality Score.

Check Your Website & Analytics settings: Please check that all your website links , categories, Forms and pages are working fine . Also cross verify your Goals in Google analytics. Hope fully you have set your lading pages, Equerry pages, Shopping pages as Goals to track the conversion in Google Analytics.

Basic Activities on Google Ad word to set a General Campaign :  

  • Create New Campaign : Go to  Google Ad word Account and create a New Campaign Select the Search Network Campaign only  + All features  –> Name the Campaign , Set your location (Exclude or include location ) for this campaign, Set your Default Bid  and daily budget.
  • Create Ad Groups  : for this campaign based on the research of the product, category , offer etc.  It is the trick part for each product or its variation you should create the ad groups Example :  Campaign -> Car sale  and the Ad groups can be –> Luxury cars , Sports Car etc
  • Select & Write Keywords :  For each Ad group your need to select most suitable keyword for that particular Ad so that you will get more traffic, Impression and clicks so get more sales and leads.  Take help from Google Trendz, Alexa, Google keyword Tool and consult experienced Guy. Do not pick wrong keyword as you may loose the campaign .
  • Find and exclude the Negative Keywords:  You should make and exclude the negative keywords at all levels – Campaign level  Negative Keywords, Ad Group Level Negative Keywords, Ad Keyword Level negative Keyword,
  • Preview Each ad and then Run it, Analyze it using the following terms:
    • Maximum CPC on Keyword
    • Impressions on your Ad
    • Clicks on your Ad
    • CTR of your Ad
    • Average CPC
    • Average Position of your Ad of selected keyword
    • Quality Score of keyword out of 10
    • Estimated First page Bid on Keyword
    • Estimated top page bid on keyword
  • Cross Check the Linking of Google Ad word & Your Google Analytics:  In terms of Traffic routing by Ad or campaigns + Conversion & Sales Estimation.

Important Notes on Advance Campaigning: 

  • Now You have a Running Campaign and using this Campaign You Can  RE-MARKETING & RE-TARGETING 
  • You Can also run the display Network ads also – Re Market and Re target them
  • We will learn Re-marketing and Re targeting of Ads in New post

Track your social media activity and emails response in analytic – UTM

What is UTM and how can you you use it for tracking your campaigns ?
Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) is a serice through which you can track accurate measurement of your planned marketing campaign (Not Going in Details).What ever you do outside your website for marketing something can be tracked using the UTM approach. Example:If you want to share something (About an offer, Business proposal, Events etc ) on any other online medium of source apart from your website and track it in Analytic. You can do it on a few clicks.


Track all your social media post and emails in Analytics

You want to share something on below mentioned sources and track it in your google analytics. Here is the process.
Facebook Wall Posts ,  Facebook Page posts,  Tweets on Tweeter , Post on Linkedin , Email Marketing  etc


Step 1: Enter the URL of your website.


Step 2: Fill in the fields below. Campaign Source, Campaign Medium and Campaign Name should always be used.

(referrer: Fb post, google, citysearch, newsletter4)
(marketing medium: Facebook, cpc, banner, email)
(Product, promo code, or slogan)  Ex:  Fb post & 10% off on shoes
Fill this Form & Submit ,
Your will get this kind of URL :

Copy and paste this URL in your Facebook wall post, page post, LinkedIn post, tweet or embedded somewhere in your email & track its reach in your Google analytic Campaign.

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My All Time Favorite Business Quote

 One of my Favorite business quote – 

Major problem in startup business

I am not a big or any respectable size business man to spread this GYAN (Knowledge) throughout the globe and discourage the people who are planning to start a business but here what I want to share a few a few things which you may face when you will start a business.

  • Infrastructure Issues:

    • Where is your office address
    • What is the staff sitting capacity of your office ?
    • Is your office space is ready to accept your future staff growth ?
    • Is your office is comfortable in terms of working environment & quick transportation (for staff)
  • Your Robust web presence :

    • Your domain name is matching with your business name & Account ?
    • Your logo, content and designs are unique and set a difference in market ?
    • Website is responsive for Tabs, Mobile and all devices ?
    • Website is SEO friendly or not ?
    • Services  and offerings are crystal clear for services receiver or not?e
    • Is your website, Logo and services creating a BRAND ?
    • Will you get the business leads from your web presence ?
  • Your Client and Market:

    • Who are your potential customer ?
    • Hope you are not selling blind ?
    • From where you should start as market ?
    • What is your Market tapping strategy ?
  • Staff and resource Management :

    • be careful to whom you are hiring ?
    • Staff is smart, not costly and workaholic or not ?
    • Do you have an alternate of each staff in any mean ?
    • Are you depended on your staff in terms of deliveries ?
    • What impact your staff is leaving on your other staff members ?
    • Look for stable and smart employees
  • Regular Sales (Low level sale or high sales) and sales staff:

    • What is your monthly sales or projection funnel ?
    • What you achieving from your monthly sales funnel?
    • To whom you are hiring as sales executive, sales manager or sales head – Focus on NUMBERS
    • What if no sales is coming ?
    • Impact of low sales or zero sales on staff and business and your future vision or products development ?
    • Why sales is low or zero – Who is responsible ?
  • Marketing of what and how :

    • What you can spend on marketing ?
    • Marketing of what – Product, Offer , Successful live clients or your website ?
    • What marketing – traditional or digital
    • Do you really need a guy for marketing ?
  • Define Products and presentation with features :

    • Be sure and clear what you have as product or services ?
    • Make a sales pitch of your product or services
    • Have good online content about your product or services
    • Connect your services and product with clients business
    • Present your product & services as a solution to a problem of customer’s business
    • what is the future of your product or service?
  • Financial backup, Funding source &  Cost cutting plan:

    • Do you have money to run the business with sales at least for 6 months or mo ire ?
    • Do you have any fix source of funding or income in business ?
    • What is your cost cutting plans and strategy  – What you can cut ?
    • What is your break even point you should have that statics ?


Google custom search engine for your website

I am sure if you are running a business you would have a website  or if you don’t have a website ask me to design a website for your business (Request a quote) .  Now you can make a custom search section on your website which will allow user to search any topic, keywords, service name or product name in your website and yes all the results will be displayed  by google in SERP format within your website also  you can use the same custom search box anywhere on web page or  in any other website,Question is How to do that ? See Example : 

  • Go to this URL:
  • Add a website  to make its custom search engine widget for a website / blog.
  • Click set up and set the Meta, keywords, title , name , color themes, display style etc
  • Connect it with your google analytics for getting the stats and searched keywords on your website or any other it will help you in making your pages and website better.


SEO Activity -Google Map Business listing

What is Google Map local business listing in General terms  ?

Google Map listing is the listing of your business , services and company on Google map using this URL :Go to this : . You can add your business with any of your gmail account and manage it. Google Map listing is a free and very simple method of listing your business with many business parameters like.

  • Business Name
  • Business Address with a Red Pin on Google Map for easy address understanding.
  • Service category
  • Time of opening and closing hours
  • Service delivery range in KM’s
  • Business Logo
  • Business Keywords
  • You or any one can also rate and review the business via Google + and gmail account.
  • Connectivity with your Google+ page
  • Inbuilt Analytic for Google map listing using the Google+ page dashboard.

Why should you add your business on Google map ?

On business keyword search Google displays the result in this format.

  • Benifits to End user and business owner
    • On keyword search google show result so clear and easily understandable to a naive user.
    • End user can easily check the nearby company, service office etc based on his search on Google.
    • End user can rate and review your Google listing for more branding and authentication proof of your business
    • End user can see multiple option on keyword search + it also shows your competition on SERP

being a Business owner or service provider you should also list your business on the below mentioned websites for better SERP results. ,,, four square